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List of free content released by Dragonshorn Studios

Adventures, encounters and other content presented here are available for free for everyone, both in PDF form as well as for Foundry VTT and Shard Tabletop!

Dive into the content, from one shots to simpe encounters!

The Titan's Goblet

Something bad must have happened in a sacred monument that brought blessing from the gods to the people. The flow of water has stopped and the local hero that went there to see what has happened is missing. Will you bring back the grace of gods and restore the Titan's Goblet?


This short adventure for 4th level characters, inspired by a painting by Thomas Cole, will take your players to a labyrinth where they will need both strength and wits to overcome the odds, restore the flow of sacred water and escape alive.

Basil the Basilisk and The Stolen Heart

Basil the Basilisk is in despair - his only friend, a sentient iron golem, was killed by a duergar raiding party when Basil was hunting - his golem heart was stolen. Will you help Basil retrieve it and save his best friend?


This companion and his short adventure for 3rd level characters will take your players to the Underdark where they can meet Basil the Basilisk and help him save his friend.

OGL Compatible

Our adventures based only on things found in 3.5e and 5e SRD documents, other OGL content, and new elements introduced in modules themselves.

To keep spirit of sharing alive, all new monsters, items and support rules are released under OGL license - so you can use them in any way that is allowed by the license!

3.5e and 5e Ready

Story modules should not be bound to a single system. Our adventures are desinged to be played both with 3.5 edition of SRD as well as with 5th edition. They provide challenges, statblocks, and magic items tailored to your favorite edition of worlds most popular role playing game.