Who are we?

Dragonshorn studios is small family venture, with combined 20 years of IT experiance in both software developement, system architecture and testing. Our RPG experiance comes from over 20 years of playing many different systems - from Dungeons and Dragons to Call of Ctulhu, Neuroshima and 7th Sea. When not playing Pen and Paper RPGs, we like cRPGS - from classics such as Baldurs Gate series to new staples on the scenes like The Outer Worlds. These things help us do what we do at Dragonshorn Studios - develop systems and modules for Foundry VTT, and create adventures and content for many different Role Playing Games systems.

People at Dragonshorn Studios

Antoni "Rughalt" Sobkowicz


Long time RPG player and software developer for as long as he can remember. Only one officially employed by the company, everything-doer who often takes too much and tries to deliver anyway.


Ultimate Support


Old School GM